Mackenzie-Childs Gift Guide

I cannot think of a more versatile print than the “Courtly Check” by Mackenzie-Childs! I am seriously in love. This pattern is whimsical yet subtle. It can be a clever accent to a rustic farmhouse kitchen or it can embellish a rich, royal color scheme. How can something be neutral and bold at the same time?! Mackenzie-Childs is magical.

There is something about this specific print (the Courtly Check) that becomes visually addicting!  I truly believe this collection can find it’s way into any style of decor.

With that being said, it should find it’s way under every tree this Christmas!

This post contains affiliate product links. 

Here are my favorite Mackenzie-Childs picks below. I hope you enjoy!


Mackenzie-Childs (2)

  1. Santa Bottle Stopper  |  2. Nutcracker Bottle Stopper  |  3. Three Tier Sweets Stand  |

4.  Fluted Cake Stand  |  5. Canister 5″x7″  |  6. Canister 5″x5.75″  | 7. Wine Cooler  |

8. Fluted Bowl  |



Mackenzie-Childs (4)

  1. Wishing Star Ornament  |  2. Holly Cut-Out Ornaments  |  3. Large Ball Ornaments

4. Six Geese of Laying Ornament  |  5. Polar Bear Ornament  |

6.  Eight Maids Milking Ornament  |  7. Garland  |  8. Nutcracker Ornament  |

9. Bell Cut-Out Ornaments  |  10. Small Ball Ornaments  |  11. Star Ornament  |



Mackenzie-Childs (6)

 1. Tea Kettle  |  2. Courtly Clock  |  3. Teacup  |  4. Medium & Large Canister |

5. Courtly Tray  |  6. Creamer  |  7. Salt & Pepper Shakers  |  8.  Courtly Mug  |

9. Dinnerware  |  10.  Pie Server  |  11.  Collander



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Vintage Christmas Truck

mackenzie farm

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Christmas Throw Pillow Shopping Guide

Don’t hate me, but it’s October 27th and I am SO ready to deck the halls with boughs of everything cozy and Christmas. Halloween was great as a kid, but now it just feels like a big old speed bump slowing us all down from where we really want to go. That, and I am an elementary school teacher, so pleeeaase let this sugar rushed week just end! You can put the kit kats on my desk though…

Now is the best time to do a little holiday preparation shopping. I mean, I want to be rocking around the Christmas tree come Thanksgiving weekend. Last year’s items are on sale and things don’t seem too picked over yet! Plus, I am loving the farmhouse, hygge, rustic and class vibes that I am finding.

My favorite part of decorating? Throw pillows. They just pull the entire living room together and embellish the sofa with that cozy feel. Luckily, Amazon and tons of other stores have amazing prices on throw pillows and covers!

This post contains Amazon product links. 

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Scandinavian Christmas Decor

Maybe it’s the “hygge” or the “fika”, but there is definitely something to be said about a Scandinavian Christmas. With the holiday being centered around coziness, happiness, family traditions and faith, the decor really just needs to remain simple and fresh. From geometric shapes, natural greenery, rustic elements and enough candles to make your home glow for miles, you can easily have yourself a merry “hygge” Christmas.

What’s hygge? (pronounced: hyoo-gah). Don’t worry, I was one of the last ones to find out about this trend too. Hygge is a Danish word that describes the quality of coziness that allows you to feel content. Sipping hot coffee with my fiancé by a crackling fire with my snoring beagle snuggled at my side. That’s my kind of hygge.

Similar to hygge, the Swedish have their fika (pronounced fee-kah) which literally means “to have coffee”. The deeper meaning behind “fika” is that people should set aside time every day to find contentment and coziness for their own well-being. This could mean having coffee and pastries with your friends while enjoying a good laugh. 

It’s no coincidence that Scandinavian countries are among the top 10 happiest nations in the world. They just get it.

For me, I love how they center their holiday around being happy and cozy with loved ones. I am so over the greed and manufactured joy that some mistake for Christmas. It’s time we all detox our weary holiday spirits and let in the “hygge” vibes of a Scandinavian Christmas. Glögg included. (spiced mulled wine… and it’s amazing!)

Luckily, we don’t have to travel abroad to get our hands on some great Scandinavian pieces! Amazon really knows the way to our hearts!

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Scandinavian Christmas Decor – affordable!

Vickerman Frosted Bellevue Alpine Artificial Christmas Wreath, 36-Inch

4.5″ Nature’s Luxury Rose Gold Geometric Wire Star Christmas Ornament

6.75″ Nature’s Luxury Rose Gold Geometric Wire 8-Point Star Christmas Ornament

Wooden Village Sleigh Advent Calendar by Clever Creations 


Christmas Reindeer x 12 Wooden Scandinavian Style

Wood Hanging Holiday Christmas Wall Tree with Ornaments

Nordic Gnome 13.5 Inch Christmas Tabletop Figurine

Kurt Adler LED Wooden Advent Calendar Decoration

Ceramic Reindeer Figurine Statue Pack of 2

3 Piece Decorative Display Tray Set

Real Wood Candle Holders

Village Mountain Pines, Set of 2 Tree 8 In



50 Warm White Flameless Christmas Candle

Window Curtain String Light 

Spinning Metal Candle Holder – Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian Design – Carousel Candle Holder


Set of 5 Scandinavian Christmas Ornaments 

Santa Tomte Ornaments – 6 pk

20″ Tall Sparce Feather Tree with Red Ball Ornamental Tips

3 Foot Feel Real PE Norwegian Seedling Tree in Burlap



Swedish Elegant Christmas Stockings

Wooden Christmas Ornaments

Vickerman Frosted Bellevue Pine Wreath with Cones & 30 Hard Needle Tips, 24″

Woodland Santa Ornament, 4.75″


Handmade Swedish Tomte,Santa – Scandinavian Gnome Plush

The Tomten

The Christmas Wish

The Christmas Wish Anja Doll


Kurt Adler 19 Inch 2 Assorted Red And White Knit Christmas Stockings

Traditional Straw Yule Goat (Julbock) 8″ H

Rustic Old Fashioned Light Up Lantern

Knit Christmas Stockings



European Animal Black and White Decorative Cushion Covers 

Ultra Soft Faux Fur to Microplush Reversible Cozy Warm Throw Blanket – 60″ x 70″ – Grey

Premium Chunky 100% Merino Wool Knit Throw Sofa Blanket Giant Yarn Throw Blanket

Linen Cotton Blend Decorative Geometric Design Zippered Throw Pillow Cover


Folklore Enamel Mug, Day Design, White, (14 Ounces)

Grandpa Lundquist Glogg Traditional Scandinavian Spice Mix 9 OZ Scandinavian Winter Warming Drink

Red & White Nordic Print Gift Bag Set

Scandinavian Christmas


Nordic Ware Starry Night Cookie Stamps

Scandinavian Christmas

Fika and Hygge: Comforting cakes and bakes from Scandinavia with love

Norpro Springerle Rolling Pin

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