Thanksgiving Table Decorations – Affordable!

It’s the final day of October. Some folks may call it “Halloween”, but I call it a night on my sofa dedicated to planning out my holiday season on Pinterest. I am sure once I have a family of my own I will enjoy Halloween more, but until then… Halloween who?! ::turns up Michael Buble’s Christmas Album::

Needless to say, I am SO excited to kick off the holidays. Not gonna lie, I’d be putting up my tree this week if it wasn’t for Parent Teacher Conferences (aka: 13 hour teacher work days all week).

So, in the meantime I will give some love to one of my favorite holidays that kick off the holiday season: Thanksgiving.

I love Thanksgiving! I love the family, the food, the feeling… it might just be my favorite holiday! To me, Thanksgiving is the kick off to the Christmas season, but I get it when some people like to keep it separate. With that being said, there are so many decorating options to try! You can use traditional fall colors, introduce some wintry Christmas elements or even keep things fresh and neutral. Hey, as long as there is food, right?!

Here are some of my favorite, affordable Thanksgiving styles courtesy of  (When all fails or you don’t want to leave the house… Amazon, people!!)

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Traditional Thanksgiving

country table.jpg


Neutral Farmhouse Thanksgiving


Cabin Style Thanksgiving




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