How to Use Pinterest Analytics to Boost Your Blog Traffic.

If you are a new Blogger like me, you probably have read every “How to use Pinterest to Grow Your Blog” post out there. You want to absorb every tip and strategy, but you keep running into the same big ol’ stop sign! The sales pitch.

“Buy my eCourse to boost your traffic by a billion percent!” “Sign up for my online class to Pinterest like a Boss”


I get it, we all have to make a little money with our blog. If I had the money, I probably would buy a few courses and ebooks. There are definitely a few that I’ve come close to buying! However, being a teacher with a wedding to pay for, every penny is precious right now.

Likewise, I just can’t get myself to invest in something that isn’t really guaranteed to work since Pinterest continues to change their algorithm. That, and I’m cheap. #honesty

Instead, I’ve been trying different strategies with Pinterest and keeping track of any noticeable changes to my traffic. Recently, I had a total “aha” moment with Pinterest and even began to notice more growth than usual! Read more

How to Keep Using Tailwind For Free

So my free trial is up. I feel that Tailwind could be a good idea, but I just can’t get myself to pay $10 a month. Honestly, I am still in that “excited to see $0.70 earned by Adsense last Tuesday” stage. Maybe this sounds like where you are at?

I support “aggressive business” strategies and investing in your blog, but as a full-time teacher trying to earn a little passive income for my wedding, I need to be a little cautious in spending any kind of extra money for now. (aka, I am in a no-spend kind of year. I miss you,! Remember me… ::hand on car window:: ) 

I know that I may eventually invest in Tailwind once my blog income grows, but for now it’s manual pinning for me! Luckily, Tailwind doesn’t disconnect you completely from their useful features once your trial is up. Read more

How I Made my Blog for free

So I started a blog. After years of wanting and saying that I would, I finally just did it. Sound familiar?

I am by no means an expert, but I want to share with you the steps that I took to finally get my blog going. The beginning process, for me, was way longer than it should have been, so hopefully this saves you some time and MONEY along the way!

***Update: Recently I decided to invest in my blog. I signed up for Bluehost and began my Money-Making Blog. I even began making money through ads right away! Click to read more on this!

1. Literally, Just Do it.

I’m not going to lie, it felt awkward. I felt that I couldn’t hold a candle to all of the incredible bloggers out there with their Chanel purses and Canon cameras… and it’s true. However, it’s okay to be a beginner and enjoy the learning process! You literally have to ignore all the doubts and just do it.  

2. Come up with a Name, but don’t over think it.

I wasted so much time researching the perfect blog name when in fact, there isn’t one. Guitar & Lace was as simple as two nouns that described me in a nutshell. I am a songwriter and I love feeling stylish. Voila, Guitar & Lace. 

So, if you are having difficulty finding name, try two nouns that describe you.  __& __. Rhyming and alliterating words also create a memorable name. i.e “Doug the Pug”, “Diners, Drive-ins & Dives”. 

3. WordPress? Blogger? 

I tried both. I ended up with Here’s why:

I have nothing against Blogger. I just didn’t find it to be as user-friendly as WordPress. I initially tried without knowing there was a There’s a difference! I literally felt like I was about to accidentally hack into some private FBI server. can start your blog off for FREE and you can eventually upgrade when you’re ready. 

4. Do I have to spend a ton of money right away?

No. As a teacher on summer break, I haven’t seen a paycheck since May. There is no way I could afford a domain name, millenial camera 3.0 and a vase of peonies for photo opps right now.

Don’t have a fancy camera? Tips on how to take blog photos with your smartphone.

Instead of throwing money down ASAP, I am taking the let it grow approach. I will eventually upgrade to a nicer camera just as any blogger before us has. It’s ok to start with humble beginnings! I believe your creativity is what will make the blog.

5. Paint the walls, or don’t.

You know when you move into a new place and everyone suggests that you paint the walls before moving in all the furniture to avoid yet another hassle? Yea, I never listen to them either. However, in this case I got all of the decor out of the way ASAP.

I tried every free theme on and chose one (button). I created my own graphics, added widgets, menu bars and all of that fun stuff. That way the blog feels nice and tidy before you start adding content.

6. Verify your Site!

If you are using WordPress go to your settings —> Traffic —-> Site Verification Services

They will give you links to obtain your personal html codes for each of those sites. You simply copy and paste them into the provided box. Now the world has a better chance of stumbling onto your blog!

If you are not using WordPress, you may find these two sites helpful:

Activate Pinterest

Activate Google

7. Start Posting!

This step is a little more obvious than the others, but it could also be the most daunting. What if my content isn’t good enough? What if no one finds it interesting? What if I don’t have a fancy camera?

Right now, I have an iPhone 7 camera, a laptop and bunch of random ideas. I am choosing to celebrate the little things. I received 23 views and 2 Instagram followers 20 hours after my first post. It’s all progress! Your first post is progress.

If you treat it as challenging and exciting learning process, you may just go far!


8. Network with other blogs and/or hide in the bushes.

See what other bloggers in your niche are doing! Find other bloggers who are starting fresh and follow their progress. You can either connect with them or hide in the bushes and watch from afar. Whatever your style may be.

I was a bit disappointed when I couldn’t find bloggers with original blueprints while they began their blog. My goal is to continue to layout my own blueprints as I go and hopefully encourage and inspire some of you out there!

If you found this even a little helpful leave a comment and/or follow.

Best wishes!


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