How Teachers Can Make Extra Money


I never truly understood how overworked and underpaid teachers were until I became one myself.

Warning, here comes a rant. Feel free to skip ahead to the juicy stuff!

To put teaching into perspective, imagine being in charge of a classroom of 30+ kids with completely different personalities, home situations and moral compasses. You have kids with emotional trauma, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, gifted learners, emotional issues, behavior issues and despite all of that they all have extraordinary potential that you don’t really get a chance to challenge to the fullest because you are too busy herding kittens all day.

By kittens I don’t mean the students. I mean, we are herding emotions, neediness, life skills and social skills outside of the actual curriculum. How to deal with anger, being a good sport, what is wrong, what is right…we have to cover all of that spontaneously. Oh, and we have to also teach them how to read, add, subtract, draw, write, play the trumpet, kick a ball correctly… all 30 of them. All at once.

Then the bell rings. We can finally use the bathroom let alone breathe… Is our workday over? Nope. We have daily grading, lesson planning, parent phone calls, band concerts, sport game chaperoning, conferences and they all occur during hours that we are not paid. Often times they are 13+ hour days!  Imagine working those 13+ hour workdays, but only being paid for 7 hours.

Side note: Can someone please send a vacation package to all of the teacher mommies and daddies? I don’t know how you all do it!

Why do we stay in our profession if we feel so underpaid? Simple. Our students. They do actually make it worth it… even the tough ones!

Needless to say, something needs to change for us teachers. We love our jobs, but we know we deserve a little justice. Not asking for a million, just asking for enough to afford a comfortable life with a family. Oh, and free chipotle everyday. Rant over.

Until then, we are left with our own brilliant survival skills to make ends meet. Luckily, teachers’ work ethic, stamina, compassion and strength under high amounts of stress make them all super qualified for just about anything. Teachers are pretty cool. (I mean, I’m even marrying one…)

So, here we gooo!

{Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. However, all opinions and advice are 100% my own. In order to stay truly transparent and honest, I only recommend services and products that I use, love and believe will benefit others.}

How Teachers Can Make Extra Money

If I could read your mind right now, I know the last thing you want to read about is how you can tutor, coach and work even more hours to earn a side income. We work enough long hours in a day!

Sure, you can drive an uber, walk strangers’ dogs, babysit more kids… but let’s be real. Our sofas miss us and Grey’s Anatomy is on at 7pm. Ain’t nobody got time for side jobs!

So it’s, time to side hustle!


1. Make Money by Walking Around your Classroom (Achievement)

Yes. You heard me. All you have to do is download the free My Achievement App, wear a fitbit or carry your smartphone in your pocket all day. The app will log your steps, food logs, weigh-ins and you will earn points.

Once you reach 10,000 points they will pay you $10! Imagine the points you will earn on testing days…

Don’t have a smartphone or a fitbit? You can still log your workouts, daily food, weigh ins, and water intake on which can synch to your account. This is key to getting more points!

Even better, you can tell all of your teacher friends about the app and earn even more points! They will give you $0.25 worth of points for every referral up to 20 times. $5.00 free!

I mean, think of the brownie points you will earn from your Principal when she/he always catches you walking around your classroom. That proximity though.👌


2. Make Money off of Pinterest (ShopStyle Collective)

Say waaa? You mean to tell me, that I could have been making money off of my beloved Pinterest sanity breaks all of this time? Yup.

ShopStyle Collective is the affiliate program to Similar to their shopping site, you can search for just about any clothing item, decorations, accessories, novelties and pin them to Pinterest.

Mmmk, Sounds like our normal online habits. But wait! There’s More…

Once people click on your pin, they will be directed to the product’s site. You will then earn commission for that click! They don’t even have to make a purchase. Just click! The earnings per click are $0.05 and up. It doesn’t sound like much, but boy do they add up!

One morning whilst sipping coffee, I pinned a cute holiday decoration via ShopStyleCollective onto pinterest. That pin got re-pinned dozens of times and clicked on dozens of more times within a few hours. Cha-Ching! All I did was pin it to Pinterest as I would any other holiday decoration!

Please add sales representative to my resume, dahhhling.


3. Sell Your Lesson Plans (Teachers Pay Teachers)

We are required to make them. They have to be up to state standards and our admin’s standards. They get done no matter what. Why not sell them?

Teachers Pay Teachers is a teaching resources website that offers a plethora of lesson plans, printables, activities and other handy tools for teachers. Sometimes even for free! Why not capitalize on your own brilliant lesson plans?!

There are teachers making millions off of their sales via Teacher Pay Teachers! Millions.

4. Take Online Surveys (Survey Junkie,   PaidViewpoint,   Inbox Dollars)

This has been one of my biggest earners when it comes to side hustlin’! Whenever I have a moment and I just want to take my own personal brain break, I take a mindless survey.

There are tons of survey companies, however these three have been my top earners! Survey Junkie is definitely my favorite. Not only have I earned over $120 in PayPal cash, but their app is super user friendly and their surveys are usually fun! Sometimes I get to rate popular song clips for local radio stations. I even got selected to review a radio station’s morning show for a $75 Amazon Gift Card. That’s almost $200 total earned in a short amount of time!

I take surveys on the stair-master, in-between sets at the gym, during commercial breaks at home, while waiting for water to boil… anywhere! Lunch break? Sometimes I just want to eat in my classroom, listen to my jams and earn money off of a couple surveys! #introvert


5. Cash Back on Groceries and Shopping (Shopkick,  Ibotta  &  Ebates)

We all have to eat! Considering our paychecks, it probably won’t be at a restaurant anytime soon. So, I know y’all are at Walmart and Kroger on the weekends! Did you know there are apps that earn you cash back just by doing your normal shopping errands?

Whether you make purchases, save receipts or just walk in a store you could be making money! There are plenty of sites out there, but these 3 have proven to be safe, fun and successful!

Shopkick is super fun! By using the app, you earn kicks (points redeemed for gift cards) by being in a store, scanning items and scanning your receipt. Technically, you could earn kicks just by going to your favorite store and scanning items.

Ibotta is quite similar to Shopkick, however you can earn cash in the comfort of your home as well as a physical store. Basically, Ibotta informs you of great deals and offers, you purchase the items offered, scan your receipt and you earn cash! They have hundreds of qualified stores. Chances are, you already shop at these stores… capitalize on your shopping talents!

Ebates can also be used online or instore. Simply shop at a qualified Ebates store (most are qualified). Once you make a purchase you will earn cash back via Paypal. These Cash-Back companies earn commission for leading you to purchase certain items. They share that commission with you as “cash back”. Everybody wins!


6. Write for Educational Sites (WeAreTeachers)

We are clever, educated and well-spoken individuals. (At least I try to be most of the time…) So, let’s practice what we teach and write an essay or two. Instead of earning stickers, you can earn cash!

Websites like WeAreTeachers will pay you to write a post for them. Not a bad gig at all!

They are always looking for new, creative content. The posts aren’t always serious either! They have plenty of room for comedic teacher therapy. The more “The Office” gifs there are, the better. I always get a good laugh out of these posts –>Humor Category

7. Watch Videos, Play Games, Read Articles (SwagBucks)

SwagBucks is literally the ultimate online money making machine. You can do so much via their site and earn SwagBucks! SwagBucks are then redeemed in gift cards including Paypal!

Basically, outside companies pay SwagBucks to display their content for users to try, test and sometimes review. SwagBucks is then able to pay you a portion of their commission.

Being paid to play games on your phone? Sounds like a teacher prep/planning time productively spent! I mean, just kidding… who does that?


8. Sell Your Unwanted Items (Poshmark, Plato’s Closet)

Poshmark is a website and app that allows users to sell their items to people everywhere! Think of it as the waaay less sketchy version of Craig’s List.

You could sell clothing items, shoes, purses, instruments, furniture, decorations and just about anything! Well, except your classroom furniture… and students.

If your area has a consignment store like Plato’s Closet, you could sell clothing items and receive cash or store credit! For every item that they don’t purchase (for whatever reason) they usually offer to donate the items to Goodwill or another local charity organization for you. If you are willing to donate those items, they basically save you on driving mileage!

9. Start a Blog

This one will take up a bit of your free time, however it will definitely be time well spent!

Not only are blogs profitable, but they are therapeutic, exciting and could possibly become a full-time job! Yes! There are bloggers making 6 figures a MONTH. Believe me, my jaw dropped too when I find out. Some of those bloggers are even teachers!

Whether your blog involves education or not, you can easily turn it into your #1 side hustle. Perhaps, even your #1 source of income. Turn your favorite hobby or pastime into a money making blog! It won’t even feel like work. Trust me.

Currently, I have just started my third month blogging. Things are quickly picking up! There are some days that I make $15 off of a few posts that I wrote weeks ago! Blog posts are evergreen. They continue to earn you passive income daily!

I wish someone told me to start a blog a lonnnng time ago…

I could go on and on how you could make money off of blogging, but this post has been long enough. If you are interested, check out some of my resources for more information on how to get your profitable blog started:

Best side hustlin’ decision I’ve ever made!


10. Write an Ebook

Have you ever written your own curriculum guide? You cold sell it!

Often times schools don’t have the funding to provide teachers with these needed resources, so they are forced to write their own. On the other hand, sometimes schools do provide teachers with a curriculum, but it’s outdated and not very student friendly for today’s different crowd of students.

Whatever the case may be, you could sell your original curriculum as an Ebook! It doesn’t even have to be a curriculum guide. If you are a talented writer, you could right an Ebook for just about anything! This could be anything from First Year of Teaching Survival Guide to How to Deal with Student Behaviors. 

How do I publish this eBook?! You can sell it under Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Or if you have a blog, you can publish and sell it yourself. Remember those 6 figure bloggers I mentioned earlier? They earn most of that money from their eBooks! Just sayin’…

I hope you found this post helpful and encouraging! We don’t have to overwhelm ourselves with more hours of work! We can enjoy our “me time” and earn a little extra income at the same time! Imagine what you could do  with an extra $100+ a month? The life you could live with an extra $1000 a month? It’s possible!

Best Wishes to you!


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