10 Safe Ways to Make Money Online

Is it me, or does life just get more and more expensive? Just when I was beginning to feel solid in my finances and career, in comes a new car payment at 75mph! On top of that, a mortgage and the dreadful student loan payments.

Then I got engaged. Obviously, I am completely enamored and filled with bliss, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit the idea of paying for a wedding terrifies me!

If you are anything  like me, you do not have a hidden trust fund, a wealthy family or a winning lottery ticket. You have a budget. Welcome, “no spend weekends”,  drip coffee and generic brand food! We are going to get to know each-other real well.

…Or you could find ways to earn a little side money!

As a full-time teacher, I knew that driving to another part-time job (ew!) would completely wear me out. …and let’s be real, I wanted to be paid for something that required as little brain work as possible.

Fast forward 6 months, I now have a couple tried-and-tested side hustles that are consistently helping me make a little extra money! All are online!

I am so, So, SO excited to share with you my list of safe ways to earn money online!

For the quick, to-go list of 10 Safe Ways to Earn Money Online, scroll to the bottom of this article. I get it, your time is valuable!

If you want the detailed version, keep on reading!

{Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I may earn commission if any products are purchased.  However, all opinions and advice are 100% my own. In order to stay truly transparent and honest, I only recommend services and products that I use, love and believe will benefit others.}

10 Safe Ways to Make Money Online

Broken down into 5 different categories.

1. Survey Sites 

Survey sites are perfect if you have a little extra time to spare (or you are a great multi-tasker). Basically, you are paid to share your opinion on topics such as common household items, retailers, commercials, etc. Most survey platforms either pay you in pay-pal cash or through gift cards. 

How do survey sites have money to pay their users?  Various product companies hire survey platforms in order to find consumers to take their surveys. Basically, we as the survey takers are earning a small portion of their commission.


2. Shopkick   

Finally there is an app that rewards me for what I do best… shopping! What?! Yes, all I have to do is proceed with my normal weekend groceries and shop kick will pay me in “kicks”. These points are later redeemed in gift cards of your choice.

The app itself runs off of Bluetooth. You “check in” once you are in a qualified store and you earn kicks! You continue to earn kicks by scanning and purchasing items. It’s kind of like an adult Easter egg hunt.

Qualifying stores include Walmart, Costco, TJMaxx, American Eagle, and just about every popular grocery store out there.

How does Shopkick have money to pay their users? Different stores and brands pay Shopkick to use their products within their app. In theory, these brands are receiving more customer sales thanks to Shopkick.

  • Try Shopkick Now  –  I earned my first gift card within 3 weeks of using the app

3. Testing Websites

Another quick and easy way to make money online is by testing websites. Depending on the test, you will be paid anywhere between $5-$10 per test. Most of them last around 30+ minutes and you are sometimes prompted to write a bit of feedback on what you tested.

How do these testing websites have money to pay their users? Similar to survey sites, these “Site Testing” platforms are the distributor. Various websites, apps and companies pay the “Site Testing” platform to find testers (you) to ensure quality in their projects.

4. Achievement Fitness App

Achievement is an app that rewards you for getting your health and fitness on! The app gives you points based off of how many steps you take in a day. You can also synch up Achievement with Apple Health, MyfitnessPal and your Fitbit to earn even more points for exercise, food, water intake and daily weigh ins.

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Once you get to 10,000 points you can cash out $10.00. I’ve had the App since early summer and I’ve earned around 6,000 points ($6.00). It definitely takes time, but they can’t just throw money at you now can they?! However, in a few months I will be $10 richer than I would have been without the app! (Hopefully a few pounds lighter as well…)

How does Achievement have money to pay it’s users? In theory, Achievement is paid by other fitness related apps and platforms that users can synch to their Achievement account. For example, I downloaded the MyFitnessPal along with another running App. Those two companies received my business thanks to Achievement.

5. Blogging

Creating a blog is your ticket to a potential 6 figure salary… for reals! It is mind boggling how well some bloggers are doing out there.

I have yet to earn 6 figures on my blog, but I can say it has be a creative outlet and simple way of earning passive income. I achieve this mainly through ads right now, however I hope to grow more sales through affiliate links and maybe one day an ebook. 

How do Bloggers make money through their blog? This can be achieved in many different ways! However, the most common ways are through ads, affiliate links, product/service sales and sponsorship. The easiest way to monetize a new blog is through ads and affiliate links.

If I had to choose 2 ad/affiliate markets to begin with they would be:

So if you have a passion for something or you just have really great ideas, invest in yourself and start a blog! The skies the limit with blogging!

Make Money Blog

There we have it! 10 simple, but most importantly, SAFE ways of making money online. I hope you found this article helpful. I wish I knew about these years ago! They really have been such a blessing to my fiance and me during our wedding planning adventures.

If you know of any other great ways to make passive income online, please let us all know in the comments!

Best wishes to you!


Quick List – All safe & highly rated.

  1. Survey Junkie –  I’ve made around $110 within a few months.

  2. InboxDollars  <–Sign up via this link and earn a $5.00 starting bonus!

  3. SwagBucks  <–Sign up via this link and earn a $3.00 starting bonus!

  4. Paid Viewpoint  –  I’ve made around $5 during the first few weeks.

  5. Global Test Market 

  6. Shopkick  – I earned my first gift card within 3 weeks of using the app

  7. User Testing 

  8. Enroll  App

  9. Achievement App  –  I’ve made over $10 so far!

  10. Money Making Blog

  How to use (1)

How I made $130.74 at the gym.

What is the one BIG thing that keeps me from going to the gym? Motivation. I want to be in VS Angel shape, but I also want to sprawl all over my couch, eat Trader Joe’s pretzels and scroll through my Pinterest feed. 

Now, if only someone would have told me that I could go to the gym, get in shape AND make passive income all at once! You bet you’d see me pumping those cute neoprene dumbbells!

It’s True!

…and it’s NOT a tricky scam!

I discovered this in a sort of round-about way. Originally, I was looking for ways to make a little extra cash for my wedding and found all these great sites!

After implementing my new slew of websites and apps, I quickly noticed one thing they all had in common:

I kept using them at the gym! I made money while working out!

Some of these Apps are fitness based and the others just require a bit of reading and multi-tasking. (I love to multi-task at the gym! Listening to music isn’t enough to make 30 minutes on the stair master feel less like hell…) These apps and websites are the perfect, money-making distraction.

So here it is. Here’s how I made $130.74 at the gym. 

{Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. However, all opinions and advice are 100% my own. In order to stay truly transparent and honest, I only recommend services that I use, love and believe will benefit others.}

1. Survey Junkie – $113.26 earned

(Free to sign up!) 

Okay, I don’t like to play favorites, but this one is definitely my favorite! Mainly, because I cashed out $113.26 after about two months. 

>>> Try it –> HERE

Side note: At first, I was skeptic of this site (and basically every survey site). I am definitely a hard person to convince when it comes to online services. It was the first “earn money through surveys” site I signed up for, and I’m so glad I joined! I did my research prior to ensure that it was not a scam.

Once you join, you will get to choose from a page of surveys. Each survey will earn you around $0.30-$3.00 if you qualify. Don’t worry, I’ve qualified for most and I consider myself an Average American. When I do not qualify they give me three points (three cents) for trying! (Hey, it all adds up!) Once you’ve earned $10.00, you can cash out via PayPal.


survey 1.JPG

The best part? I literally took these surveys on my iPhone while getting my cardio in via stair master. A good 30 minutes averaged me around $3.00-$5.00. I averaged around $60 a month if I did 4-5 days of cardio.

 So, if you want to earn a good chunk of passive income that requires very little work, than SurveyJunkie.com is your thannng, girl! (or boy.)

2. Achievement App – $5.76 earned 

(Free to sign up!) 

>>> Try it –> HERE & receive $2.50 in bonus points for signing up!

This is definitely an app that I wish I had years ago! Gah! The extra money I would have had… the jeans I could have fit into by now…  Basically, Achievement is an App that will reward you for being healthy!

You literally just have to walk around and you will earn points, which will be redeemed as money. …but wait, There’s more! Really, there’s more.

The App can synch up to your fitbit, Myfitness Pal and other health tracking platforms to give you even MORE points for logging your food, water intake, weight, measurements and exercise. 

(Fitbits will log more steps into the app than your phone. Amazon always has great prices on new and refurbished fitbits! –>Fitbit

So far, I have earned a total of 5,716 points ($5.71) since joining in May 2017. That may not sound like much during that amount of time, but more than half of that time was spent WITHOUT using the MyFitnessPal sync. 


MyFitness Pal was the game changer! Once I synced, I earned way more points on a daily basis. 

So basically, if you eat food, drink water and walk then this App is for you!

3. MyFitnessPal App 

(Free to sign up! Premium version available.)

>>> Try it –> HERE

You’re right, they don’t pay their users, but I just HAVE to give some credit to MyFitnessPal for the money I earned with the Achievemint app. 

Both Apps are like peanut butter & jelly. They just belong together. You will earn more than double the points with MyFitnessPal!

If you have never used MyFitnessPal, it is basically a diet & fitness tracker. All I do is scan/log my meals and it keeps track of all the Macros and nutrients for me. I even enter in the specific workouts I do and it shows how many calories I’ve burned. Even if you aren’t using Achievemint, it is just a great tool to use in your fitness regime!

4. SwagBucks – $6.43 earned

(Free to sign up!)

>>> Try it –> HERE  Earn $5.00 worth of points just by signing up with my link!

Swagbucks is the ultimate online money making destination. Unlike a few reward sites that I’ve looked into, Swagbucks is not out to scam you. (I recommend doing your research before joining any “money making” platform.)

You can earn “SwagBucks” through using their search engine, shopping online, watching videos and taking surveys.  Points are then redeemed into your favorite gift cards or even PayPal cash.


I signed up earlier this summer and so far I have earned $6.43! They have tons of way to earn “swagbucks”, but I mainly use their search engine.

It’s perfect for in-between sets at the gym, when I search the web via phone anyways. I do a lot of wedding planning this way! Yup. They pay me to search for different bouquet ideas.

5.  Paid ViewPoint – $5.29 earned

(Free to sign up!)

>>> Try it –> HERE

Another highly rated, legitimate Survey site I recently discovered was Paid ViewPoint! PaidViewPoint pays you in gift cards AND PayPal cash. Since I am using this passive income for my wedding, I really love when these type of sites offer PayPal options! (as much as I would love me some Sephora giftcards…)

I find that these surveys are very short and they add up quick! Likewise, the more you use Paid ViewPoint the more you will earn per survey. They call this your “TraitScore”. I love that they reward their loyal users!


So far, I have only made $5.29 within a few months and my TraitScore is still pretty low. To be fair, I haven’t used this platform as much as I really should, given how quick the surveys are!

Goal: take more Paid View Point surveys on the stair master, raise my TraitScore, lose 5 lbs.

Not a bad way to earn some extra money, huh?

Honestly, you don’t even need to go to the gym to earn this money on the side… (shhh don’t tell anyone I told you that…) I mean, you could accomplish all of this on your couch… while eating Trader Joe’s pretzels.

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