The Ultimate Bride Gift Guide

As a bride to be, I have received tips and advice from just about everyone “Do this for your wedding, don’t do this, hire this place… don’t do chocolate cake!” ¬†While I am grateful for all of the advice, the ONE thing I REALLY needed to here was this:

“Take time to capture and enjoy every moment of your engagement. That’s the true beginning.”

It’s so true! Being engaged is so underrated! I mean, we are literally at the happiest, healthiest and most loving time of our lives, yet we are so caught up in the actual wedding that we tend to not be “engaged” with the bliss that is around us.

After hearing those words, I decided to take more time to breathe, enjoy and truly live the “engaged life”. I mean, the word “engaged” literally means actively involved!

Do your engagement right! Go on dates with your love! Throw a celebration! Flaunt that “Does this ring make me look engaged” coffee mug in your insta-story!

This is YOUR engagement! (…and your significant other’s too, I suppose.)

To help you celebrate! I have created… Read more