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Blogging is one of the simplest yet most rewarding platforms to earn profit from! How much fun would it be to be paid to write about something that YOU are 100% passionate about?!

We all have that one thing in life that has forever inspired us.  Maybe it is fashion, music, baking tarts or watching sports? You name it!

So… Have we devoted our whole lives to that one thing for it to just become a weekend hobby? 

It’s such a shame that very little people will ever get to do exactly what they love to do for a living. Especially, when the best work is achieved when we are actually interested in the work we do.

Maybe “living the dream” has always been just a dream until you starting hearing about bloggers working full-time for themselves. Or, maybe you started a blog and realized that this could easily become something more!

Well, it is completely possible for anyone!

If you feel inspired, I am going to show you 5 basic steps to set your blog up for money-making success!

Step 1: Decide on your Niche

What is that one thing that you could talk for hours about?

What are YOU constantly pinning on Pinterest?

Whatever those topics may be, they might just be the perfect niche for you!

Maybe you are vegan and love dessert?! Create a place where your people can find great recipes! Are you really good with finances and other “adulting” things? I know I am always pinning ways to save money every month!

Really, the sky’s the limit when it comes to niches. I mean, it’s 2017… there is a blog for everything! Choose what makes you, YOU. 🙂

Step 2: Choose a Platform & Host for Your Blog

{Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. However, all opinions and advice are 100% my own. In order to stay truly transparent and honest, I only recommend services that I use, love and believe will benefit others.}

I originally created my blog with the free version of Unfortunately, this free version does not allow any monetization or ways to earn money. It was perfect for me at the time, but I knew that I really wanted to invest in my blog!

(If you want to just dip your toes in the blogging water before investing, check out how I made my blog for free –> here).

I thought about upgrading, but wanted about $8 -$25 a month! Yikes! (You will need the $25 plan to access useful plugins and SEO tools for monetization and making any profit.)

And then I found bluehost. ::angel ahhs::

Bluehost let me create a self-hosted, WordPress blog for $3.95 a month! I mean, that’s literally cheaper than a Starbucks latte… 

I even have access to the hundreds of plugins and SEO tools that wanted $25 a month for…  What?!  hint: go with bluehost.

The best part was that I didn’t even have to start my blog from scratch. I literally just imported my site and was good to go!

Why did I choose bluehost over other hosts?                    

 3 Simple reasons:

  1. They offered me a free domain name! Similar hosting platforms wanted $14.95 to create a domain. “Free” just sounded way more courteous.
  2. They have no limit on views per month. Similar hosting platforms limit you to a certain number of viewers per month. If you reach over that amount you will have to upgrade to a more expensive plan. Ouch.
  3. 30 day full refund! I decided to at least try it. I felt so comforted knowing that I could get money back if I didn’t like it. Literally, there was nothing to lose!




How to Sign up for Your Host:

Since I use Blue Host, I will use their set up as my example. This is to show you how easy it is to sign up for a host.

Go to

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 4.47.05 PM.png

Click on the Green button, “get started now”

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 4.47.30 PM

I chose Basic, but I wish I went with plus for the extra features! Honestly, the price I paid for bluehost was made back in blogging profit within the first few months blogging.

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 4.49.46 PM

Choose Your FREE Domain Name. If you are unsure of what to choose, they will let you decide later!

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 4.53.45 PM

After Filling out your information, payment and billing address you will create your password and then you have your website! I use WordPress with bluehost, but there are other platforms as well.

Give bluehost a try—> HERE!   

If you end up not liking it, you get your money back!

Step 3: Create Content that SERVES others

Take on the perspective of a blog reader.

What do you search for on google?

What Pinterest pins do you save and actually click on?

Chances are you are clicking on articles that give advice, inspiration or show you how to do something. It’s no coincidence that some recipe blogs are making six figures every. single. month. What?!

Challenge: Create 5 posts that “teach” your future readers how to do something within your niche(s).

i.e, “How to Start a Blog”, “10 Recipes for Weight loss”,”5 outfits for Fall”…

Step 4: Monetize Your Blog

Now for the real money maker. Literally.

***Update: I did make a profit via affiliate links & ads after my first month of blogging! Check out how I did it —> HERE

Obviously things don’t typically happen overnight with monetization, but with your constant effort and love for what you write about, you will notice growth!

In the meantime, there are dozens of ways to profit from your blog!

Here are the top three ways:

  • Affiliate links. They are everywhere and you don’t even know it!

    Check out the Affiliate & Ad companies that accepted me as a new blogger! –> HERE

Think of your favorite fashion blogger on Instagram. In her stories, she is showing you her new, favorite pair of jeans she got at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. She was even sweet enough to give you the link to the exact pair, so that you, too, could rock those  high rise, distressed skinny jeans… affiliate links, folks… affiliate links.

It’s not that she is only in it for the money, but she is really just spreading her love for fashion whilst making a bit of profit. It’s harmless! Psh, I ain’t mad. Don’t be afraid of affiliate links! 

Make sure you give your readers a bit of a heads up when you are using affiliate links Mainly, because it is required. However, it’s also just good blogger moral to always stay honest and transparent to your audience.

  • Ads. They are everywhere and yup, you definitely notice.

    Ads are a quick and easy way to monetize your blog. However sprinkle them lightly around your blog!

    Nothing is more annoying than reading an article and having to keep clicking the x on every pop up ad. Especially when you accidentally click on the ad… which might even be the point. Clever. 

    That happened me earlier today! To be honest, after the second attempt I just closed out of the website and never looked back. Be classy with your ads!

    Tip: Amazon Associates & Google Adsense are easily the top ad companies. I prefer Amazon Associates since, well, they are Amazon! You can pretty much include any product within your posts!

    • Your own products. …because you are a boss lady! …or man!

    This may as well be blogging gold. I have heard of bloggers making six figures by selling eBooks, eCourses, stationary… you name it!

    Personally, I have yet to venture into this endeavor. It is definitely a goal! However, with the time it takes me to ensure perfection within my FREE blog posts, I can only imagine the time I will need to make sure I have a quality product for sale.

    Step 5: Send Traffic to you Blog

    Finally Step 5! Whew! While this step may be the least complicated, it is probably the most crucial and frustrating of the bunch!

    It’s 2017, there are literally millions of blogs out there! How will yours stand out?       How will you send readers to your blog? It’s a little daunting, huh?!

    Fortunately, there is a tool out there great enough to send hundreds of thousands of readers your way! Pinterest. 

    If I were you, I wouldn’t focus too much (or at all) on making the first page of Google. Let’s be real, a “google” is 10 to the 100th power, and that’s probably how many websites you are in competition with…

    Stick with Pinterest at first!

    Best Pinterest tip: If you are short on followers, join as many group boards within your niche(s) as you can! This enables you to pin your own content and have it all reach the thousands of followers on those boards. Always make sure that your pins are, indeed, pin-worthy 🙂

There we have it! 5 steps towards setting up your blog for money-making success! No need to wait until your blog “grows”. Why not set yourself up for success right away?

As I stated earlier, nothing is completely achieved overnight. With the right tools and your 100% passion, you WILL make it!

I hope this post was helpful in any way possible! If you felt inspired, please Pin it to spread the love!

Best wishes to you! Once you start a blog, let me know below! I would love to become one of your biggest blog fans♥


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