How to Keep Using Tailwind For Free

So my free trial is up. I feel that Tailwind could be a good idea, but I just can’t get myself to pay $10 a month. Honestly, I am still in that “excited to see $0.70 earned by Adsense last Tuesday” stage. Maybe this sounds like where you are at?

I support “aggressive business” strategies and investing in your blog, but as a full-time teacher trying to earn a little passive income for my wedding, I need to be a little cautious in spending any kind of extra money for now. (aka, I am in a no-spend kind of year. I miss you,! Remember me… ::hand on car window:: ) 

I know that I may eventually invest in Tailwind once my blog income grows, but for now it’s manual pinning for me! Luckily, Tailwind doesn’t disconnect you completely from their useful features once your trial is up.

Side Note: My Blog’s income is continuing to grow during month 2! Check out how I did during my First Month –> My First Month Blogging – What Worked & Didn’t Work

There are STILL so many HUGE advantages to using Tailwind without paying a dime out of that $0.70 you earned from your blog! (nothing to be ashamed of…)

Primarily, if you haven’t tried your FREE trial to Tailwind you can try it –> HERE

If you have used up your free trial, and you will eventually be investing in the plan you can earn a $15 credit  –> HERE

Here we go! How to Keep Using Tailwind for FREE!

1. Tailwind Tribes

Tribes are free for anyone to use! They are very similar to Pinterest group boards, but I feel that their purpose leans more towards sharing other bloggers’ pins equally with your own.

Let’s be real, Pinterest group boards are great, but they are constantly being swamped with new content with few being shared. Or at least, that what it feels like at times!

Side note: Looking for other useful tools? –> Favorite Blog Tools | This Month

How to Join a Tailwind Tribe:

Tailwind Tribes are by invite only, and by invite, I mean “invite yourself”.  So easy!

This is so much quicker than emailing Pinterest Group Board Monitors and waiting for them to invite you… if they even invite you. With Tailwind, you just choose a Tribe and click the green button!

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.32.29 AM.png

Just make sure you read the tribe rules and see if they suit your habits. I made the mistake of not reading the rules and got kicked out of a tribe for posting my “Blog Tip” content when the rules specifically said, “No Blog Tip Content”. oopsie!

2. Schedule Pins

The whole reason people pay for Tailwind is to have their Pins scheduled and automatically pinned. I must say, this aspect was nice during my free trial, but not completely necessary.

Once your trial is over, you can STILL schedule Pins. They just won’t be sent out automatically. Instead, you have to pin them manually via the Tailwind Publisher.

I organize and order my pins with my morning coffee and click “pin now” throughout the day when I have a moment to spare.

This is still SO much faster than pinning via Pinterest where you have to find your pin, click pin and choose one board at a time. Way too many steps for this full-time teacher!

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.39.14 AM.png

3. Board Lists!!!!!!

Why should I manually pin them from the Tailwind Publisher instead of just pinning from Pinterest? Two words: BOARD LISTS.

Board Lists are a list of similar Pinterest Group Boards that you organize to simplify the pinning process.

I grouped all of my “Blogging Tip” niches into one Board List, so when I want to pin a blog post to all of those group boards, I don’t have to pin them to each board separately.

Instead, I just choose my “Board List” and it will schedule that Pin to be shared on ALL of the boards within the Board List.

As you can see I organized content Niche based Board Lists. I also sorted these by the Pinterest Group Board Rules. My group boards that have stricter posting rules, I put in “Sprinkle”.

This helps me not break any Board Rules, because “ain’t nobody got time” for memorizing every Pinterest Group Board’s rules!

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.48.08 AM.png

Noticeable Benefits

I’ve been racking in the benefits of my “prolonged” free version of Tailwind for a few weeks, and have already noticed growth. Not only am I saving time and energy, but my blog views via pinterest are growing!

As you can see, I went from under 9,000 website impressions & viewers to a continuous growth up to 30K impressions and 15k Viewers! That’s a lot of growth within a few weeks!

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 12.46.02 PM.png

I am so glad that I didn’t just “try and drop” Tailwind. Like I said, I may commit to Tailwind Plus in the future, but for now I will be manually pinning via Tailwind. Join me!

If you haven’t tried your FREE trial to Tailwind you can try it –> HERE

If you have used up your free trial, and you will eventually be investing in the plan you can earn a $15 credit  –> HERE

I hope this post has helped you in any way possible!

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I am still debating whether or not to purchase a full years worth of Tailwind so this post couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s such a hard decision because I feel like it’ll save me so much time to not have to manually pin but then again there are still so many free features that you talked about in this post that I hadn’t realized before!

    1. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment!! 🙂 I feel the same! It would be sooo nice to have, but will it be worth the price? Maybe one day I will give it a try!

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