The Ultimate Bride Gift Guide

As a bride to be, I have received tips and advice from just about everyone “Do this for your wedding, don’t do this, hire this place… don’t do chocolate cake!”  While I am grateful for all of the advice, the ONE thing I REALLY needed to here was this:

“Take time to capture and enjoy every moment of your engagement. That’s the true beginning.”

It’s so true! Being engaged is so underrated! I mean, we are literally at the happiest, healthiest and most loving time of our lives, yet we are so caught up in the actual wedding that we tend to not be “engaged” with the bliss that is around us.

After hearing those words, I decided to take more time to breathe, enjoy and truly live the “engaged life”. I mean, the word “engaged” literally means actively involved!

Do your engagement right! Go on dates with your love! Throw a celebration! Flaunt that “Does this ring make me look engaged” coffee mug in your insta-story!

This is YOUR engagement! (…and your significant other’s too, I suppose.)

To help you celebrate! I have created…

The ULTIMATE Bride-To-Be Wish List

Brides, treat yourself!! (and of course, anyone else who wants to partake in the engagement gift giving…)

{Disclaimer: This post contains ads and/or affiliate links. I may earn commission if any products, links or ads are clicked on.  However, all opinions and advice are 100% my own. In order to stay truly transparent and honest, I only recommend services and products that I trust, love and believe will benefit others.}

Home Essentials

From keepsake pillows, to adorable travel mugs these items are just perfectly precious! Not to mention, they will fit right in to your Instagram selfie habits.

Come on, we all take those “I’m snuggled up with this fuzzy, white throw whilst sipping my morning latte out of this aesthetically pleasing “Future Mrs.” mug, with perfectly manicured ballet-slipper, pink nails. Oh, and there’s my ring. How’d that get in the picture? pics.

Amazon Picks:

Tees & Tanks

Whether you are sweating for the wedding or just running errands, there is no better way to shout your bliss from the rooftops! I mean, unless you actually shouted it from the rooftops…

These tanks and tees are affordable & adorable!

Engagement Ring Dish

This was one of the most thoughtful and useful gifts I received as a new bride-to-be! As someone who normally doesn’t wear jewelry, I was very worried for the well-being of my engagement ring.

I ALWAYS make sure to never take off my ring near a drain (kitchen sink or bathroom). So, having this little tray on my dresser made me that much more responsible.

I always keep my ring there while I do dishes, shower, sleep… etc.

Bride Bags

Every bride needs a bride bag! Perfect for lugging your wedding planner notebook, laptop and colorful gel pens in and out of the coffee shop! That, and these totes and cases will help you keep organized on your big day.

I LOVE the “Totes Engaged” saying!

Bridal Robe

Robes are a huge trend in “get ready” photos. There are so many styles from boho to classic. They get so much use after the wedding as well! I still wear the satin robe that I received as a bridesmaid. I just feel they make the daily getting ready process feel that more glamorous!

Bride Novelties

These are such cute gifts for every bride! Maybe you are a bridesmaid buying your bestie a cute congratulations gift? These little knick knacks are affordable and perfect for the bride.

Bachelorette Swag

Do people say swag anymore? (something to ask my middle school students, I guess…)

I’m going to be honest. I am just not into the typical, ahem, anatomical bachelorette party accessories…like at all.  Luckily, now-a-days there are plenty of cute “Instagram worthy” items out there!

“Bride Tribe” swimsuit?! What a time to be alive, folks!

I hope you found this collection helpful whether you are a bride-to-be or searching for the perfect engagement gift!
Best wishes,
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